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Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

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La mission, la vision et les objectifs de l'Axe 

L’axe Management des Ressources Humaines et Comportement Organisationnel (MRH/CO) s’intéresse principalement à l’étude des déterminants, du contenu et des résultats de la relation d’emploi qui s’établit entre le salarié et son entreprise. L’angle d’analyse privilégié est celui du comportement organisationnel qui, à la croisée de plusieurs domaines disciplinaires (management, psychologie, relations industrielles, sociologie, etc.), permet d’étudier les attitudes et comportements individuels au travail sans négliger pour autant l’influence des groupes et des divers effets de contexte.

The Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour (HRM/OB) area is mainly concerned with the study of the determinants, content and results of the employment relationship between the employee and the company. The preferred angle of analysis is that of organisational behaviour which, at the crossroads of several disciplinary fields (management, psychology, industrial relations, sociology, etc.), makes it possible to study individual attitudes and behaviours at work without neglecting the influence of groups and the various effects of context.

Research topics

  • Involvement, identification and motivation at work
  • Trust and perceptions of justice
  • Stress, health and well-being at work
  • HR practices - remuneration and performance
  • Ethics and micro-CSR
  • Leadership in extreme contexts

Meet the HRM & OB Research team

HRM & OB Phd Students

The HRM/OB area organises numerous research seminars bringing together world specialists in the field. Its members publish in scientific journals in the field and their work is cited in the economic and managerial press. They participate in several editorial boards of French and international journals. They are also involved in research contracts in partnership with public and private institutions.