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Customised Short-Term Programme Portfolio

TSM adapts to your needs by offering a Short-Term Programme Portfolio

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TSM offers a short-term programme portfolio in blocks of skills or "à la carte".

To discuss your needs please contact the Academic Affairs Professional Programmes

Acquire blocks of skills at your own pace

TSM adapts to the needs, pace and profile of each professional to facilitate the entire training process. Therefore, all you have to do is define and target your needs, and then select the block most suited to your professional project.

Terms and Conditions

Each block follows the pedagogical structure and pace of the diploma it is integrated into. It is possible to apply throughout the year as long as the block has not started. However, please consider the processing time for your application.

A certificate of achievement is issued for each successfully validated block.

The courses are delivered in-person on TSM's premises (except for certain courses of the Bachelor 3 HRM and Bachelor 3 Procurement, which are delivered at B2M in Montauban). Some classes may be conducted online (distance learning).

Pricing and financing

Price: €35 per hour.

The block of skills, being registered in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications), can be financed through your Personal Training Account (CPF).

List of eligible programmes

Discover below the list of our degree programs offered in blocks of competences:

  • Bachelor 3 HRM
  • Bachelor 3 Procurement
  • Master 1 Healthcare and Social Services Management
  • Master 1 Marketing
  • Master 2 Marketing Management
  • Master 2 Healthcare and Social Services Management
  • Master 2 HRM
  • Master 2 International HRM
  • Master 2 Business Administration and Management (2nd-year specialisation track)
  • Master 2 Innovation Management
  • Master 2 Management Control and Organisational Auditing

Customise your programme to meet specific needs

TSM supports you in your strategy, talent development, and/or professional evolution by building customised programmes in areas such as HR, strategy, marketing, and more.

TSM adapts to your constraints: evolution, duration, location, conditions, logistics, and more.

To discuss your needs

Contact the Corporate Relations Office