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Professional Development Workshops: from Students to Professionals

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The Professional Development Workshops (PDW) are a key feature of Toulouse School of Management to enable students to build their professional goals in line with the requirements of the job market.

The PDW: 

The PDW is a real support tool which supports students throughout each year of study and until they enter the workforce. TSM wants to offer its students a modular pathway that takes into account the requirements and opportunities offered by each level of study. The School has therefore decided to deploy this system over 3 years, from the Bachelor's to the Master's degree, in order to make it progressive and allow students to gain autonomy and responsibility.

The skills acquired can also be reinvested by the student to evolve throughout their future professional career.

The PDW is a teaching unit taught in tutorials from Bachelor 2 to Master 1.


Bachelor's PDW

The aim of the Bachelor's PDW is to help students find an internship in line with their aspirations and to make a success of their internship period in a company. It therefore covers internship search techniques, using in particular the resources and means that TSM makes available to its students, and addresses the pitch, professional posture and use of social networks to land the desired internship.

Master's PDW

The continuity of the system builds upon the skills and know-how acquired during the Bachelor's degree. It opens up other learning possibilities by being based on group project work (4/5 students). The project will allow each student to develop their adaptability and sense of organisation, to work on their team spirit and to take responsibility for their group and for the expectations of the project.

The PDW's benefit to students

  • Use the tools provided by TSM.
  • Optimise your application tools to reflect your potential.
  • Get to know and identify your skills better.
  • Improve your elevator pitch to be able to introduce yourself in any type of situation, whether it is a professional interview or a network meeting.
  • Exchange with alumni and professionals to learn more about the professions and topics related to your programme.
  • Adopt a professional attitude and give yourself essential points of reference for a behaviour adapted to the targeted professional environment.
  • Develop your network and manage your e-reputation with LinkedIn.
All the conditions are there to achieve your professional goals!