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TSM-Research, the TSM Research Center

TSM-Research is a research unit recognised for the quality of its scientific publications and the distinctions of its Faculty.
TSM-R (UMR CNRS 5303) is a centre of international scientific expertise whose mission is to create and disseminate high-level scientific knowledge in the main management sciences disciplines.
TSM-R remains aware of the most current developments, deciphers emerging trends and strives to provide analytical tools for decision-makers.

TSM-R is today one of the few CNRS UMRs specifically dedicated to the field of management sciences.

Our research areas

The research conducted at TSM-R covers the main disciplines of management science: finance, accounting-control-auditing, marketing, human resources management and organisational behaviour, and strategy. Our researchers work closely together to generate cutting-edge knowledge, provide fresh perspectives and respond to the complex challenges facing businesses and society as a whole.

  • 46

    Faculty staff

  • 3

    CNRS Researchers

  • 40

    PhD Students

  • 42

    papers published in academic journals in 2023

  • 88

    A-level publications in 2023

TSM-R, a research unit of excellence

Advanced scientific vision

Our mission is to expand the boundaries of knowledge in the fields of management. Through innovative research projects, interdisciplinary partnerships and international collaboration, we aspire to positively influence the decisions and policies that shape our society.

Commitment to Scientific Excellence

Our laboratory's mission revolves around academic excellence. We foster a rigorous research culture, foster the professional development of our members, and promote innovation in both our methodologies and research themes. This approach allows us to remain at the forefront of scientific developments and ensure a significant contribution to society.

Scientific Synergy and Openness

TSM-R values collaboration and openness. We are proud of our diverse network of academic, industrial and institutional partners. By fostering the exchange of ideas and the co-creation of knowledge, we conduct our research in an environment conducive to the emergence of innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

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