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Toulouse School of Management

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Toulouse School of Management is a public school of excellence in Management within the Toulouse Capitole University.
TSM offers state-recognised management degrees, from bachelor's to doctoral level, and provides a comprehensive and balanced educational model encompassing scientific, academic and professional dimensions.
TSM's teaching strategy is consistent with its research ambitions. Research is placed at the heart of the School to bring the benefits of basic research activities to all learners.

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School ID

  • Name: Toulouse School of Management (TSM)
  • Date of creation: 1955
  • Dean: Hervé Penan (2020-)
  • Status: public school - établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel
  • Line Ministry: Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Component: TSM is the internal management School of the Toulouse Capitole University
  • 2017: IAE Toulouse becomes TSM - Toulouse School of Management
  • TSM’s intended learning outcomes (ILOs): make a significant contribution to research in management sciences; master the drivers of organisation sustainable performance; contribute to the implementation of management best practices; enable staff and students to fulfill their personal and career ambitions; promote diversity and inclusion, as well as values of respect and enthusiasm in our community
  • Staff: a permanent workforce of 141 people (including 82 administrative staff and 59 core faculty) and 430 adjunct faculty dedicated to educational activities
  • Location: Anciennes Facultés of the Toulouse Capitole University campus

The strength of Toulouse School of Management

TSM offers full-time and part-time work-study Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the main management disciplines: accounting and control, finance, human resource management, marketing and strategy.
Toulouse School of Management is also proud of its doctoral programme, which is renowned for its high level teaching and quality research projects.
TSM offers excellent academic and professional teaching, resulting in rapid post-graduation employment. 
Thanks to the numerous labels and certifications it has received, TSM has become a French and international Grande Ecole.

A school with a future since 1955

Since 1955, the IPA (Preparation Institute for Business Affairs – Institut de Préparation aux Affaires), then IAE Toulouse (Institute of Business Administration - Institut d’Administration des Entreprises) and today Toulouse School of Management - TSM, as part of the Toulouse Capitole University, continues to uphold its commitment to developing higher education and management research. By combining innovative teaching with quality scientific research, IAE Toulouse was able to meet and exceed students’ expectations by teaching them the skills expected of them by the commercial world.

IAE Toulouse was a widely recognised centre of pedagogical and scientific expertise in a variety of academic subjects as evidenced by the presence of its research laboratory accredited by the French Ministry of Research and the French national centre for scientific research (CNRS), as well as by a myriad of active partnerships with institutions of higher education and research both in France and abroad, and finally by the sustained involvement of economic partners.

IAE evolved with the new challenges of the teaching and research world. Emerging requirements for institutions of higher education led IAE to continuously improve the quality of its services so as to continue to meet the expectations of students and future employers.

Thanks to its demonstrated success, IAE Toulouse continued to provide excellent management education programmes, to further develop its ties with national and international research teams, and perpetuate its unique approach to private and institutional partnerships.

October 2017 marked the historic name change of IAE Toulouse to Toulouse School of Management.


  • 1955: Founding of the Institut de Préparation aux Affaires within the Law faculty and the start of an executive management programme for the engineers and senior managers: the Certificat d’Aptitude à l’Administration des Entreprises.
  • 1981: Founding of the Institut des Techniques Economiques et Comptables outside the Law faculty and the beginning of Accounting, Finance and Management degrees being conferred.
  • 1985: Founding of the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises de Toulouse as a faculty with an exemption status (article 713-9 du Code de l’Education).
  • 1988: Start of the Doctoral Programme in Management, in collaboration with the Law faculty and the School of Economics (now Toulouse School of Economics – TSE).
  • 1995: IAE Toulouse launched work-study programmes with partners institution (i.e. through collaborative provisions).
  • 1999: IAE research team joins the interdisciplinary research laboratory on Management, Economics and Law (LIRHE).
  • 2004: Implementation of Bologna Agreement and creation of Bachelor’s programmes as well as Master’s programmes in the main disciplines of management: Accounting and Control, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategy.
  • 2006: Creation of the Doctoral School in Management Science (ED 478), independent from the School of Economics and the School of Law.
  • 2007: Transformation of the LIRHE, and founding of Centre for Research in Management (CRM).
  • 2008: EPAS accreditation for the Master in International Management (initial accreditation 3 years).
  • 2011: EPAS re-accreditation for the Master in International Management (3 years).
  • 2011: CNRS accreditation of Centre for Research in Management (UMR CNRS 5303).
  • 2014: EPAS re-accreditation for the Master in International Management (5 years).
  • 2017: IAE Toulouse becomes Toulouse School of Management (TSM), CRM becomes TSM Research, (UMR CNRS 5303), and the Doctoral School in Management Science becomes TSM Doctoral Programme (ED 478).
  • 2019: EFMD Accredited Programme Master in International Management (re-accreditation 5 years).
  • 2020: EFMD Accredited
    • Programme Doctoral Programme: MSc Accounting and Control, MSc in Finance, MSc in Human Resource Management, MSc in Marketing, MSc in Strategy and International Management (initial accreditation 5 years). EFMD
    • Master in Finance (initial accreditation 5 years).
  • 2020: EFMD/FNEGE BSIS label granted.
  • 2021: Launch of TSM Corporate Advisory Board.
  • 2022: Launch of TSM International Advisory Board.
  • 2023 : EQUIS accreditation for TSM.