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Recruiting a Student Apprentice: the Benefit for your Company

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Toulouse School of Management offers a wide range of work-study programmes in various fields.

You have the opportunity to recruit a student apprentice in Procurement, Marketing, HR, Strategy or even Banking and Finance for your company and to strengthen your team with a future TSM talent. What are you waiting for to strengthen your teams?

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Hiring a student apprentice: how does it work?

The employment contract

The professionalisation or apprenticeship contract is signed by the employer and the student. It is drawn up using the CERFA form. In addition, the duration of the working time mentioned in the contract includes the training time. The proposed assignment must be in line with the programme and therefore be validated by the Programme Head.


Student apprentices hired via work-study programmes are subject to a regulated minimum wage, which is calculated as a percentage of the minimum wage (Smic) or the conventional minimum wage (SMC) if it exists and is applicable to the company employing them. It then depends on the nature of the work-study programme contract signed: apprenticeship contract or professionnalisation contract.

Until 2027, companies benefit from an exceptional aid of €6,000 for all new work-study programme hires.

Compensation for an apprenticeship contract (as a percentage of the Smic)

Year of the contract

Student apprentice

under 18 years old

Student apprentice

18 to 20 years old

Student apprentice

21 to 25 years old

Student apprentice

26 years old and over

1st Year





2nd Year





3rd Year





Compensation for a professionalisation contract (as a percentage of the Smic)



Below the Baccalaureate

Equal or higher than the Baccalaureate

Less than 21 years old

Between 21 and up to 26 years old

At least the "Smic" or 85% of the ordinary conventional minimum wage

At least the "Smic" or 85% of the ordinary conventional minimum wage

The work-study agreement

The work-study agreement, drawn up by TSM, is signed by the employer, the student apprentice and TSM. It is a three-party document, binding the 3 parties on the programme aspects. If the employment contract is broken, the agreement is also broken.


Why hire a student apprentice?

  • You train a future employee with your company's best practices.
  • You welcome a talent with skills learned in a school of excellence.
  • You get a recruitment solution tailored to your needs.
  • You prepare for the seamless hiring of your future employee.
  • There are a number of financial aids and exemptions available to you to reduce the cost of the apprenticeship compared to an employee.
  • Your administrative procedures are easier thanks to a dedicated portal.
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Practical information

Submit an offer

Go to the TSM Connect platform to submit a work-study offer

Access the portal dedicated to apprenticeship


Benefit from the €6000 financial aid paid to employers

Aid for work-study contracts: employers, download the guide!