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Sustainable Development & CSR

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

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As part of a public university, Toulouse School of Management embodies the objectives of public service by working to reduce social and economic inequalities, by contributing to the fight against discrimination, by collaborating with local, national and international partners to promote economic growth, while taking into account social and environmental concerns and the economics of the common good.

TSM's social responsibility is expressed in terms of the environmental and social impact of its activities and operations on society and the environment. TSM has adopted a holistic approach ranging from awareness raising to training of students and staff on environmental issues. 
TSM strives to instill a sense of integrity and responsibility that is reflected in civic values. Social challenges are integrated into the School's values and curricula through courses, projects and skills, which are also aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We strive to promote diversity, inclusion and respect in our community.
Hervé Penan - TSM Dean


Sustainable Development at TSM


TSM's concrete actions in favour of the environment

TSM is committed on a daily basis, alongside the Toulouse Capitole University, to Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (SDSR) in terms of energy saving policies, paper consumption, waste management and attention to biodiversity.

The School actively contributes to a policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through:

  • Compliance with the sobriety plan;
  • The energy audit and renovation plan;
  • Encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport.

Sustainable use and reduction of resource consumption (operational practices) is encouraged through:

  • Sorting and recycling of paper and cardboard;
  • The printing policy;
  • Awareness of eco-gestures.

Finally, TSM is developing a policy of prevention, awareness and reduction of environmental damage through events throughout the year:

  • Zero waste awareness;
  • Clean walk (walk for cleanliness);
  • Gratiferia (free sale).

TSM's social policy

Actions in favour of diversity, gender equality and the inclusion of people with disabilities among staff and students are implemented at Toulouse School of Management.

University Equality Mission

The Equality Mission works to prevent and raise awareness of sexist, homophobic and transphobic violence.

To this end, a system for reporting acts of violence, discrimination, moral or sexual harassment and sexist behaviour has been created at the university. The purpose of the system is to collect, in a confidential and neutral framework, reports of:

  • Acts of violence;
  • Discrimination;
  • Moral or sexual harassment;
  • Sexist behaviour.

The Equality Mission listens to and guides complainants and witnesses in their efforts and, if necessary, alerts the competent authorities.

Further information on the Equality Mission

Article 1 : taking power over the future


TSM is associated with ARTICLE 1 to support equal opportunities which works for a society where orientation, success in studies and professional integration do not depend on social, economic and cultural origins; for a society where success depends on social ties and civic commitment.

Disability at TSM

The University of Toulouse Capitole's policy of supporting students with disabilities is carried out in cooperation with the Toulouse School of Management.

The UT Capitole Handicap Office welcomes, advises and supports students with disabilities throughout their university studies. Whether it is a temporary or permanent disability or a serious health problem, all students can benefit from special measures.

Contact: handicap@ut-capitole.fr / 05 61 63 35 28 or 05 61 63 37 05

Do you need an accommodation from the beginning of the academic year?

Remember to make an appointment with the Preventive Medicine Doctor (by phone only on 05 61 63 37 25) and then with the UT Capitole Handicap Office.

TSM at the service of student well-being

Several support services for students have been set up with the Toulouse Capitole University to promote their well-being. These include: 

  • Educational assistance;
  • Financial aid;
  • Psychological support;
  • Health and well-being support;
  • Access to subsidised food / cafeteria;
  • Digital support;
  • Access to jobs and student employment;
  • Housing support.
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PRME Charter

TSM signed the PRME Charter in 2017 and is also a signatory to the UN Global Compact, reflecting the School's support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The School is committed to line up its core functions and programmes with the PRME principles. All of TSM's communications are in line with the PRME charter, in order to promote sustainable values and encourage its stakeholders to make continuous progress on SDSR.

Further information on PRME Charter at TSM