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EFMD Accreditation

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EFMD, the prestigious Label

The TSM Doctoral Programme has been awarded the maximum five-year EPAS accreditation. This international accreditation delivered by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) certifies the high quality of the TSM Doctoral Programme.

The Recognition of Research Excellence

The EFMD accreditation is the most thorough programme accreditation system for business and management programmes.

EFMD covers all facets of programme provision: from its institutional, national and international environment, through its design, delivery, outcomes, and impacts, to its quality assurance processes.

The EFMD accreditation at doctorate level highlights the TSM academic rigour and excellence, employability, internationalisation and research that underpins the programme. The continuous improvement that EPAS requires means that you will benefit from international partnerships, and more opportunities to foster your research skills and network.

“The Doctoral Programme is a very good programme with well-organised and institutionalised provision. It concentrates on developing candidates with rigorous research competencies in combination with the ability to identify and communicate on the practical applications of research. The programme offers a robust international learning experience through institutional networks and partners.” EFMD Management