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Finaccount, the TSM association that simplifies finance and accounting

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Finaccount, previously Finance for Future, is Toulouse School of Management's latest association, created in October 2022.  The association's students are passionate about finance and care about its impact on society and the environment.

They have one question on their minds: what role will finance play in society and the environment in the coming decades?

If you too are interested in these issues and would like to make your contribution, don't hesitate to join the association!

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The purpose of Finaccount

Finaccount aims to democratise finance, accounting, auditing and management control among students and to break the codes of the traditional "numbers culture"!

What is the objectif ? To help students develop an strong numbers' culture and also to guide them towards careers in the financial and accounting world.

In addition to presenting the different jobs in the world of finance, Finaccount wishes to develop divisive topics such as green finance, the role of blockchain in the finance of tomorrow, and create a real financial ABC.

The main missions of the association

The Finaccount student association works on several channels in order to reach its objectives:

  • Articles;
  • Podcasts;
  • Interviews;
  • Meeting with professionals;
  • Solicitations of alumni from the world of finance and accounting.

All of this is aimed of linking financial institutions and TSM's students, but also to make these subjects more accessible.

Since the finance of tomorrow is linked to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the association is vigilant to ensure that its internal structure responds to these issues.

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Join Finaccount

Do you also want to join Finaccount and help promote the finance of tomorrow to TSM's students?

Don't hesitate to contact the association on and on social media:

Or by email :

The annual membership fee to join Finaccount is 10€. 

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