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Becoming a globetrotter!

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With 81 partner universities around the world and numerous opportunities for internationalisation on and off campus, Toulouse School of Management makes its students' experience of the outside world a priority. The international dimension is an integral part of the content of all TSM's programmes.

Obtaining a TSM degree

Coming or going on exchange with TSM

Benefiting from other internationalisation opportunities

  • Would you like to go abroad for a short-term programme? TSM offers its students the opportunity to spend a few weeks at one of its partner universities.
    Discover the opportunity to attend a Summer School at one of TSM partner universities
  • Would you like to gain professional experience abroad? Whether as part of their studies or as a gap year, TSM students can carry out their internship abroad.
    See internship opportunities abroad

  • Would you like to join a School that gives you the chance to explore the world throughout your studies? TSM regularly organises international events on its campus.
    View international events
  • TSM is part of ENGAGE.EU, an alliance of 7 European universities in the fields of business, economics and social sciences. TSM students have free access to the courses offered by this alliance of leading European universities.
    Access ENGAGE.EU
  • Every year, TSM finances visits by foreign professors to its campus and international training for administrative staff.
    Discover the opportunities


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Contact the International Relations Office

The International Relations Office will be happy to answer any questions you may have about mobility.

Ask a question about incoming mobility at TSM

Ask a question about outgoing mobility at TSM

Ask a question about double degrees at TSM 

The TSM International Relations Office is located in AF146 to AF149 on the "Anciennes Facultés" campus.