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Transportation in Toulouse

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The public transport network

Toulouse is very well served by two metro lines, the A and the B, which allow you to move easily and quickly through the city.

You can also use the Toulouse tramway to access places not served by the metro, such as the Aerospace Museum, the airport, or to reach a central metro station.

The bus network is also extensive, with around a hundred buses running throughout the city and the surrounding area to help you reach your destination. You will notably find the Linéo buses, which provide connections between municipalities and metro/tramway stations.

Finally, Téléo, Toulouse's brand new cable car, allows you to travel from Oncopole to the Paul Sabatier University while offering you a breathtaking view.

For the more athletic, you can also get around the city with Vélôtoulouse! Bike stations are located all over the city and allow you to purchase a pass and use a bike for a short-term rental.

Access to Téléo

Access to VélôToulouse

Buying a transport ticket

There are several ways to get around in Toulouse, as well as different types of transport tickets. However, a single transport ticket can give you access to the bus, tram, and metro. To do so, you have the following options:

  • Tisséo subscription: It allows you to benefit from preferential rates on an annual basis, for a period of 31 days or 7 days. You can access the service from their website or directly in their agencies;
  • Ticket vending machines and counters: These are located at tram and metro stations and allow you to autonomously select the ticket of your choice or recharge your subscription card;
  • On the bus: if you have change on you, you can pay for your bus ticket directly to the driver;
  • The Tisséo application: easy and always with you, it gives you access to all the services of the Toulouse public transport network.

Preparing to join the Tisséo network

Travelling from Toulouse: travel tips

Bus, train or plane choose your preferred mode of transport to leave Toulouse. Whether it's for a weekend or a holiday, there are many options available to you:

  • Toulouse Matabiau train station: it serves many cities throughout France and even abroad. You can take the train, TER, but also the bus to Spain, Italy, or even Paris!
  • Toulouse Blagnac International Airport: Toulouse's airport allows you to easily reach your destination around the world (Canada, United States, Italy, etc.). It is accessible in 30 minutes thanks to a direct tram or bus ride.