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The TSM Research Center

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TSM-Research is a CNRS-accredited joint research unit and makes a decisive contribution to scientific research in management.
Thanks to this center and the EFMD-accredited Doctoral Programme, TSM is a major institution for the production and transfer of scientific knowledge in management. TSM's researchers and faculty publish in the best scientific journals, multiplying their collaborations with renowned international research centres. They contribute to the way managers think about management.

TSM-R is recognised as a reference unit in Management Sciences in France, both in terms of the quantity and quality of its scientific production, its interactions with the socio-economic environment, and the training and support of PhD students.

What is the role of TSM-Research today?

To produce high-level scientific knowledge

To create and disseminate high-level scientific knowledge in the main disciplines of management sciences.

To carry out rigorous scientific research

Be committed to rigorous scientific research, resulting in publications in the best international journals.

To provide analytical tools for decision-makers

To shed light on current changes and to decipher emerging trends, in order to better understand the major challenges of organisational management and to provide analysis tools for decision-makers.

Identity card

  • Mission: to create and disseminate high-level scientific knowledge in the main disciplines of management sciences: Accounting-Control-Auditing, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy
  • Within the Toulouse Capitole University
  • Strongly contributes to and supports Toulouse School of Management & TSM Doctoral Programme
  • UMR CNRS 5303
  • Director: Nicola Mirc
  • Deputy Director: Assâad El Akremi

Historical background

  • Established on April 27, 2009 under the name CRM (Center of Research in Management).
  • Birth of the merger and regrouping of the LIRHE (FRE CNRS), the CRG (EA IAE Toulouse) and the team of finance researchers of GREMAQ (UMR CNRS).
  • Recognition as a CNRS UMR on January 1, 2012.
  • The CRM changed its name to TSM-R on October 1, 2017.