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Working with TSM on an Event

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Toulouse School of Management organises and participates in numerous events throughout the year. The objective is to create a link between companies and students, but also to support practitioners with their needs.

Professional fairs

Toulouse School of Management offers regular events to bring together the professional world and apprenticeships. At these fairs, companies have the opportunity to meet TSM students who are looking for internships or work-study programmes. These events facilitate the connection between companies and their future talents. Many well-known companies have been participating in the fairs organised by TSM for several years: Crédit Mutuel, Pierre Fabre, ATR, Mazars, Berger-Levrault, Airbus, Safran, Continental, Capgemini, Auchan, BNP Paribas, Tisséo, etc.

The Internship Fair

  • 100

    companies at the fair

  • 300

    internship opportunities offered

  • 600

    participating students

The Apprenticeship Fair

  • 70

    participating companies

  • 130

    work-study offers

  • 500

    participating applicants

Professional conferences

To assist our first-year Master's students in developing their professional projects, they take a course where they attend conferences led by professionals.

These conferences are intended to present the diversity of professions by sector of activity, as well as the themes or projects that may have been implemented in the company.

If you are interested in speaking and sharing your professional experience with our TSM students, please contact the Corporate Relations Office.

Workshops, case studies and projects

TSM offers companies the opportunity to participate in workshops, case studies or projects. Companies have the opportunity to engage students in small group workshops, where they work on specific issues, themes, or projects under the guidance of their Programme Head.

Would you like to hold a conference, present your company and its activities, or propose workshops or case studies? Do not hesitate to submit your proposals!

Contact the Corporate Relations Office!