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The research of the Strategy area focuses on organisational dynamics in the implementation of corporate strategies. The researchers particularly study the role of actors and the transformation of strategic capacities in the implementation of strategies.

The proximity to the field and the praxeological approach are fundamental to the research. This research is essentially based on empirical work carried out by the researchers of the axis, in various sectors and with various methodologies, quantitative, qualitative and mixed.


Case study, discourse analysis, mixed methods, social network analysis, ethnography, shadowing, econometrics, look-alike instruction, narrative interviews.

Sectors studied

Aerospace, cement, consulting, entertainment, consumer electronics, energy and renewable energy, information and communication, video games, air transport, life sciences (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals), climate engineering.

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The Strategy area regularly organises writing workshops and research seminars, welcoming French and international researchers who are experts in their scientific field. Members of the area regularly publish in leading journals in the field and participate in national and international conferences. They conduct research projects funded by European, national and regional public bodies, as well as by industrial partners.