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Organisation and Operation

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The School is administered by a Board and led by a Dean, assisted by an Executive Committee.
The Dean sets up the advisory bodies established by TSM. The decision-making bodies of TSM are the Dean, the TSM Board, the Executive Committee and the Academic Departments.

    The TSM's statutes

    • Status: public school - établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel
    • Line Ministry: Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation
    • Creation: decree n°85-1243 of 26 November 1985
    • Component: Toulouse Capitole University under article L.713-9 of the Education Code

    The TSM's governance

    The TSM's Board 

    The Toulouse School of Management Board is made up of well-known personalities in the local economy. It contributes to the visibility of the institution and to the recognition of TSM's programmes in the professional world.

    President of the Board

    • Elisabeth Ourliac, Vice President Strategy, Airbus

    "Collège A" - Full Professors

    "Collège B" - Associate or Assistant Professor Members

    "Collège C" - Administrative Staff Members

    • Magalie Capelle, International Double Diploma Programme Specialist
    • Sandrine Lermite, Lifelong Education Student Affaires Manager,
    • Julien Masson, Audiovisual Communications Officer
    • Peggy Prignot-Maman, Corporate & Alumni Relations Manager
    • Rosine Soumah, Administrative Officer

    "Collège D" - Students Members

    • Théo Hiez, Primary, Second Year Master Student (Business Development)
      • Elise Le Pottier, Alternate, Second Year Master Student (Marketing Management) - gap year
    • Guillaume Rémy, Primary, Second Year Master Student (International Marketing of Innovation)
      • Ophélie Kimberley Julien, Second Year Master Student (nternational Human Resource Management ) - gap year
    • Thi Quynh Thuong Nguyen, Primary, Fourth Year PhD Candidate (Strategy)
      • Vincent Favarin, Alternate, Third Year PhD Candidate (Marketing)

    External Representative Members "Collège"

    Members nominated by their institutions

    • Fabrice de Comarmond, Primary, Regional Member, Council of Occitanie Region
      • Jérôme Monamy, Alternate, Regional Member, Council of Occitanie Region
    • Maxime Boyer, Primary, Aide to Mayor (Higher Education Institution Relations), Toulouse City Hall
      • Nina Ochoa, Alternate, City Representative (Student Life and Health Prevention), Toulouse City Hall
    • Nicole Miquel-Belaud, Primary, Counselor, Greater Toulouse
      • Maxime Boyer, Alternate, Vice president (Transport and new forms of Mobility), Greater Toulouse
    • Alain Rabary, Primary, Chief Executive Officer (VAL Software), Mouvement des Entreprises de France
    • Pascal Castanet, Primary, Regional President, Institute of Chartered Accountants
      • Laure Cau, Alternate, Regional President of Professional Development, Institute of Chartered Accountants

    Corporate Representatives

    • Eric Ducournau, Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Fabre Laboratory
    • Nathalie Fabas, HR Director, Groupe Crédit Mutuel
    • Patrick Longuet, Senior Vice President, Expleo
    • Élisabeth Ourliac, Vice President Strategy, Airbus
    • Franck Siegel, Associate General Director, Sigfox

    International Higher Eduation and Research Representative

    • Wilfried Niessen, Dean, HEC Liège

    Représentant du réseau des diplômés de TSM

    • Stéphane WALLER, President, TSM Alumni

    Invited members

    • Hugues Kenfack, President, Toulouse Capitole University
    • Hervé Penan, Dean, TSM
    • Stéphane Grégoire, Director, Toulouse School of Economics
    • Frédéric Faisy, General Director of Services, Toulouse Capitole University
    • Muriel Camus, Accountant, Toulouse Capitole University
    • Marion Fortin, Director, TSM Doctoral Programme
    • Nicola Mirc, Director, TSM Research
    • Assâad El Akremi, Deputy Director, TSM Research
    • Agathe Gimel, President, TSM Student Association, 2022-2023
    • Perle Fontaine, President, TSM Student Sports Association, 2022-2023
    • Léna Perin, President, TSM Consulting, 2022-2023

    TSM's consultative bodies

    The Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the strategic decisions validated by the TSM Board and oversees the day-to-day management duties.

    The Executive Committee is composed of the following members:

    • Department Heads;
    • Director, TSM Doctoral Programme;
    • Director, TSM-R;
    • Deputy Director, TSM-R;
    • Associate Deans;
    • Faculty elected to Toulouse Capital University Committees;
    • Administrative Director;
    • Dean's Office Director;
    • Administrative Managers.

    The International Advisory Board

    An International Advisory Board was created in 2022 and brings together European Deans to advise TSM on its international strategy. TSM’s International Advisory Board bases its recommendations to the Dean on the experience of its members on international strategy, curriculum content and teaching, academic partnerships, and new international activities.

    • El Mouhoub Mouhoud, President Paris Dauphine University, France

    • Isabelle Huault, Dean EM Lyon, France

    • Angus Lang, Dean Lancaster University Management School, United Kingdom

    • Duncan Angwin, Dean University of Nottingham Business School, United Kingdom

    • Markus Rudolf, Dean WHU, Germany

    • Federico Pasin, Director HEC Montréal, Canada

    • Oriol Amat, Dean Barcelona School of Management, Spain

    The Corporate Advisory Board

    A Corporate Advisory Board was also launched in 2021 to advise TSM on its strategy and the School’s connections with practice. TSM’s Corporate Advisory Board provides informed guidance to the Dean to fulfil TSM’s missions, with a particular focus on economic challenges, emerging societal issues and strengthening the connection between TSM and the business world.

    • Mehdi Berrada, President and Co-Founder, Agronutris
    • Anne Laure Charbonnier, Director, Nubbo
    • Eric Ducournau, Director General, Pierre Fabre
    • Nathalie Fabas, Human Resources Director, Groupe Crédit Mutuel
    • Aimery Forzy, President and Director General, Groupe Cargo
    • Patrick Longuet, Director General, Groupe Bertrandt
    • Elisabeth Ourliac, Vice President Strategy, Airbus

    Department Heads

    The department heads contribute to the implementation of a quality policy to coordinate and deploy the teaching and support activities within each department.

    Associate Deans