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Strategy Q & A - Interview with Marion Fortin - 2021 Watch Former Doctoral Programme Director Marion Fortin and Doctoral Student Carolina Cuervo-Robert talk about the research fields available to students and debunk myths about the PhD program. The webcast was original broadcasted on Campus Channel in October 2021.
Marion Fortin, Doctoral Programme professor
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MSc student at Toulouse School of Management, Oumnia Abidi is a 2021-2022 recipient of the Bourse Eiffel, a French grant awarded to international students coming to study in France in a Masters or PhD. 
Oumnia Abidi , 2021 MSc student at Toulouse School of Management, recipient of the Bourse Eiffel
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Research interviews

Accounting - Research - Interview with Nour Alrabie - 2016 - Research Diploma “Strategic Management Studies” - Using Business ecosystem concept to analyze the healthcare in France.
Nour Alrabie, Assistant Professor of Management
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Finance - Research - Interview with Mathieu Bouvard - 2018 - Associate professor at Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University.
Matthieu Bouvard, Professor of finance
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Accounting - Research - Interview with Emmanuelle Nègre - 2018 - Associate professor at Montpellier University inteviewed during the Doctoral Programme Graduation Ceremony of 2017.
Emmanuelle Nègre, University Professor of Management Sciences
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Finance - Research - Interview with Paula Margaretic - 2018 - Researcher at the Central Bank of Chile.
Paula Margaretic, Researcher and professor of finance at the University of San Andrés, Argentina
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Marketing - Research - Interview with Helen Zeitoun - 2018 - Global head of consumer and retail at GFK. Topic: "PhD candidates and companies, a natural cooperation".
Helen Zeitoun, Directrice générale d’Ipsos
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Accounting - Research - Interview with Hanna Dohlen Opsahl - 2016 - Innovation and internationalization – Indian firms’ choice of entry into foreign markets.
Hanna Dohlen Opsahl, PhD in Strategy
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HRM & OB - Research - Interview with Antony Perrier - 2020 - TSM PhD candidate Anthony Perrier won the Best Paper Award in Organisational Behaviour at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference 2019.
Anthony Perrier, Former TSM PhD candidate
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Former TSM doctoral candidates have researched diverse topics with real-world implications, often through direct collaboration with companies.