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Continuing Education

Validation of Prior Learning (VPL)

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The VPL (Validation of Prior Learning) offers the possibility to recognise studies, professional experiences, and personal achievements for any candidate applying for a diploma or degree in higher education.

Any person, regardless of age, nationality, status or education level, who has at least one year of relevant experience directly related to the desired certification, is eligible for VAE. This certification, which can be a degree, a title, or a professional qualification certificate, must be registered with the French National Directory of Professional Certificates (Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles).

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The VPL at TSM

At Toulouse School of Management, the VPL offers: 

  • A possibility to partially or completely earn a degree without taking classes;
  • An opportunity to progress professionally or to earn a promotion;
  • A clarification and validation of personal skills;
  • A demanding process;
  • An alignment between professional experience and academic reflection.

but beware, it is not:

  • A way of getting round failing an exam;
  • A quasi-automatic delivery of cheap or devalued diplomas;
  • A validation of personal projects.

The steps of a VPL

The VPL fees procedure

For the academic year 2023-2024, the VAE fees are identical regardless of the requested degree:

  • Employed candidates: 2 800€
  • Unemployed candidates: 1 800€

University fees are not included.

Under certain circumstances, VPL can be financed through a professional sabbatical period granted by Transitions Pro or by Pôle Emploi for candidates who are unemployed.
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