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Sports in Toulouse

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Toulouse, city of athletes

Elected as the city with the best sports facilities in France by the Ministry of the City, Youth and Sports, Toulouse is a city that lives to the rhythm of sporting events.

In additions to rugby and football, the city also hosts many clubs competing in major national and international championships, such as handball, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and judo. 

And you, what sport will you choose?

Toulouse is known worldwide for its love of rugby, thanks to the professionals of Stade Toulousain, but also thanks to its players. Indeed, Antoine Dupont, named best player in the world in 2021 and Vincent Clerc, former international rugby player, are both TSM alumni.


The Toulouse Football Club is also part of the Occitan regional pride! You can cheer for your favorite regional team during the festive and friendly atmosphere of matches at the TFC Stadium, at very affordable prices!


Practising a sporting activity

Do you want to start practicing a sport alongside your studies? The Department of Physical and Sports Activities (DAPS) at the University offers a wide range of sports activities accessible to everyone, from beginners to experts, including TSM's students.

These weekly sports classes are optional and are evaluated at the end of the semester, which can, under certain conditions, lead to a bonus for enrolled students.

Discover the activities offererd by the DAPS

Competing in sport

Are you a true competitor at heart and do you like the challenge? As a TSM student, it is possible for you to represent the University of Toulouse Capitole in collective and/or individual sports competitions, both at academic and national level.
These competitions are managed by the official sports association of UT Capitole, UTCAP, which is affiliated with the Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire (FFSU). For all students who apply, it is possible to obtain an official sports license. 

Read more abou the university competition

To be a top-level-athlete

Are you a High-Level Athlete (SHN) or a National Good Level Athlete (SBNN)? Please note that it is possible to obtain the top-level-athlete status at UT Capitole by submitting an application file to the DAPS. Depending on your profile, the status will be granted automatically upon receipt of your file, or your application will be studied by the SHN Commission in September.

The SHN status implies a mandatory registration to the sports option and allows for various accommodations for your classes throughout your academic program. The goal? To provide you with all the necessary means to successfully pursue your dual academic and athletic projects.

More information on SHN status and how to benefit from it

Benefit from efficient sports facilities

The DAPS offers its sports courses on the UT Capitole campuses, including:  

  • A weight room located in the basement of the Arsenal building;
  • A gymnasium at the Manufacture des Tabacs.

The school's privileged location also allows access to numerous sports facilities in the city of Toulouse, such as:

  • Gymnasiums in the city centre (Bazacle, Saint-Sernin, Pierre Montané, Daniel Faucher...);
  • Tennis courts (AS E.A.T Tennis club, ASPTT Tennis).
A construction site is also being prepared on the parking lot of the Administrative City, next to the University Library of Arsenal, where new sports facilities will be built.

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