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Missions, Vision & Values

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TSM's mission in three points

Challenging students to become responsible managers

To challenge our diverse student population in developing their talents and preparing them to become responsible managers in regional, national or international corporations/organisations.

Making a significant contribution to research in management sciences

To contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge by conducting outstanding research in management and transferring it to stakeholders

Addressing managerial and societal challenges in the corporate world

To engage with local and global partners in the corporate world and address managerial challenges and societal issues

TSM's values

  • Commitment: to stimulate students and alumni to aim high, strive for excellence and develop their curiosity and critical thinking skills through exposure to research
  • Accountability: to promote cooperative and ethically responsible behaviour
  • Influence: to have a positive impact on society through dissemination of research results and alumni responsibilities in the workplace

The Dean talks about it...

TSM strives to enlighten, train and support students to become future decision-makers that consider the sustainability of their decisions and the overall common good. Our aim is to equip students, partners, decision-makers with the scientific knowledge and tools necessary to identify and implement informed and impactful decisions, within their professional life while respecting ERS matters.
TSM is a melting pot where students and top researchers in management sciences interact to invent new research and training methods, and develop new responses to contemporary corporate issues.

Hervé Penan

TSM's Dean

Results in line with our commitments

  • Make a significant contribution to management science research
  • Mastering the drivers of sustainable performance in organisations
  • Contribute to the implementation of best management practices
  • Enabling staff and students to achieve their personal and professional ambitions
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as the values of respect and enthusiasm in the TSM community

A motto: The path ahead

The TSM motto, the path ahead, reflects the future that is in front of our students, which is full of opportunities, as well as their evolution to become caring, effective and responsible professionals. TSM supports its students on this path and provides them with a framework for their learning and personal development.

Hervé Penan

TSM's Dean