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Allocating the Apprenticeship Tax

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Allocating the Apprenticeship Tax

This year, the payment methods have changed, but TSM remains entitled to collect the remaining 13% of the apprenticeship tax.

By choosing to allocate the apprenticeship tax to TSM, you can:

  • Continue promoting equal opportunities within the university;
  • Promote the quality and diversity of our programmes, which we have adapted to the needs of companies and the current professional trends;
  • Participate in our events and contribute to the creation of new ones (constructive and collaborative);
  • Contribute to our reputation and positioning of excellence;
  • Strengthen the relationship with our alumni in order to maintain this link and facilitate the integration of our students into the job market.

Information on reform and payment

Go directly to the SOLTEA platform and enter the UAI code: 0312241T

Several materials are available to guide you through the new system of collecting and redistributing the balance of the apprenticeship tax.

Investing in the education of your future student apprentices at TSM (brochure in French)

Apprenticeship tax commitment form

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Contact the Corporate Relations Office