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Submitting Internship, Work-study and Job Offers

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Do you want to submit a job offer, an internship offer or a work-study offer for your company? Do you want to hire a TSM talent? The TSM Connect platform is your preferred tool for recruiting TSM students and graduates.

Discover TSM Connect

How do I submit an offer for my company?

TSM Connect is a platform dedicated to companies to facilitate the recruitment of interns, work-study students and new graduates.

What does the TSM Connect platform actually do?

On this collaborative platform, you can create a recruiter profile that will allow you to:

  • Present your activities: you are free to create and update your profile in order to make your company known to our students and graduates;
  • Submit your internship and work-study offers;
  • Consult the applications of our students;
  • Get to know our network of graduates;
  • Propose events (your recruitment days, your challenges, etc.), inform and take part in the events organised by TSM (Internship Fair, Work-study Fair).

Ready to submit an offer?

Please note that when you submit your offer, do not forget to include:

  • The name of your company;
  • A precise description of the proposed job function;
  • The profile of the person you are looking for (programme, level of degree);
  • The desired location and period;
  • Additional information (vehicle, travel, etc.);
  • Your SIRET number (if it is a first announcement);
  • The amount of the bonus.

After validation by the Corporate Relations Office, your offer will be available to TSM's students and graduates.