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The research work of the Finance area  focuses on financial markets, corporate finance and financial institutions.

Research topics

Market microstructure

Researchers in the Finance area analyse the organisation and functioning of financial markets and their impact on prices and trade. They study how markets fulfil their missions of price discovery and liquidity provision. These missions are crucial because they determine the usefulness of markets for investors and companies.

Investor protection

Researchers in the Finance area study the psychological mechanisms of investor decision-making. They analyse the dangers to which they are exposed, and how markets and institutions can be organised and regulated to protect unsophisticated investors.

Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions

Researchers in the Finance area study the consequences of information asymmetries between investors and managers, firms and banks. They analyse the dysfunctions created by these asymmetries, and how they can be limited by optimal contracts and regulatory intervention.

Dissemination of the work of the Finance area

The Finance area presents its research in conferences and seminars and publishes in international scientific journals. It also strives to participate in public debate through articles in newspapers such as La Tribune and Les Echos. The members of the Finance area also engage in scientific collaboration with major institutions such as the Financial Markets Authority, the European Central Bank and Euronext.

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