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Recruiting an Intern at TSM

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The structure of Toulouse School of Management's programmes, the integration of qualified practitioners in its curriculum, the anchoring of its programmes to today's society and the international outlook all contribute to the graduation of students ready to conquer the job market.

Don't wait any longer to hire a TSM intern to complete your team!

What are the levels and areas of the interships at TSM?

Toulouse School of Management's professionalised programmes enable our students to acquire skills in the main management disciplines such as: accounting and control, finance, marketing, human resources and strategy.

It should be noted that internships are compulsory for TSM undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition, voluntary internships are also advised and encouraged. They are, likewise, subject to an internship agreement.

Period, duration and bonus: everything you need to know about recruitment!

The period and duration of internships vary according to the programme followed by students. In order to better target your internship search, it is recommended to consult the internship periods for the coming year.

Access the calendar of internship periods by programme

In addition, an internship may not exceed 924 hours (including any extensions) in the same company during the same academic year. This applies to all internships, including those carried out during a gap year and abroad.

Compensation for an internship

Internships carried out in France

The bonus is compulsory when the duration exceeds 308 hours and this is done retroactively, at the rate of 4€05 per hour in the company.

Internships carried out abroad

The law of the country applies to compensation rates. Internships may therefore be unpaid.

The internship toolbox: regulations, guide, bonus

Company obligations with the Practical Guide to Internships for Host Organisations

All the information on the calculation of the minimum bonus for an intern

Student internship handbook - Practical information

Please note: no internship can start without the internship agreement signed by all stakeholders.
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How to offer an internship to TSM's students?

Are you looking to recruit a TSM talent for an internship?

The internship team invites you to visit TSM Connect to create your recruiter profile and submit your offer.

From your profile, simply click on the "internships" tab and then "publish an internship offer" to fill in the dedicated fields.

Submit an offer on TSM Connect

Any questions? 

Contact the Internship Office