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Combining quality programmes and professional experience: it's possible! TSM offers students work-study programmes to give them a foothold in the professional world during their studies.

What are work-study programmes?

Work-study is:

  • A training system that alternates university periods (at TSM) and professional periods (in companies);
  • A real gateway to employment, with the acquisition of significant professional experience;
  • Two types of contracts: the professionalisation contract and the apprenticeship contract;
  • The student is a full-fledged employee: the same rights, obligations and working conditions as the company's other employees;
  • Different work-study formats at TSM depending on the programme.

The benefits of work-study programmes

  • Being paid during your programme as an employee.
  • Benefit from free tuition fees.
  • To be accompanied by a tutor or apprenticeship supervisor.
  • Benefit from a student card with discounts on leisure activities and from the company's advantages.

How do work-study programmes work?

The differences between Apprenticeship and Professionalisation



For people aged 16 to 29

For people aged 16 to 25;

Jobseekers aged 26 and over

Fixed-term or permanent contract

Fixed-term or permanent contract

Normally 2 years

Normally 6 to 24 months

Compensation: between 27% and 100% of the "Smic" depending on age and level of study

Compensation: between 55% and 100% of the "Smic" depending on age and level of study

Compensation is not the same for apprenticeship contracts and professionalisation contracts.

As regulations may change, consult the government website (in French)

What are the student apprentices' commitments?

There are three priority commitments:

  • To work for the company in order to achieve a common goal;
  • To follow the programme;
  • To respect the organisation and rules of the company and the School.

If these commitments are not met, procedures can be put in place to modify the initial contract or even end it. Motivation and organisation are therefore required!

Which TSM programmes are offered on a work-study format?

Search for programmes (select the "study format" criterion)

Download the TSM Work-study programmes brochure

Making an online application

  • Students must apply via the monmaster.gouv.fr  or eCandidatures platforms.
  • Selection is based on an examination of a file and possibly an interview.

Please note: application procedures may differ for partnership programmes (B2M, ESBanque, ICT).

Please note: application dates may vary from one programme to another.