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Doing an internship abroad with Toulouse School of Management

Whether as part of their programme or as a gap year, students can choose to go abroad for their internship.

Internship periods exist for all programmes and may be compulsory or optional, depending on the year. Typically, internships take place between mid-April and the end of August. Most last a minimum of two months; in Master 2, internships last six months and are spread over the second semester.

Finding an internship abroad

TSM Connect

TSM Connect is the website dedicated to the professional world offered to TSM's students during and after their education. The internship search bar on TSM Connect (accessible only to those with a TSM e-mail address) gives access to a large number of internship offers from partner companies abroad. Students can find all the information they need about internships and, more specifically, internships abroad.
TSM Connect


TSM offers its students the Highered platform, which connects them with companies from all over the world. TSM's students can access global recruiters referenced in an exclusive network, benefit from quality international placements with over 1,000 high-quality internship and job opportunities worldwide, participate twice a year in the Global Virtual Fairs, a worldwide virtual fair where multinationals such as Mars, PepsiCo, Deloitte, Total, World Bank Group, European Central Bank HQ, United Nations and many others come to recruit their interns or employees.


In partnership with GoingGlobal, TSM offers its students more than 120 specific career guides available in over 160 countries, as well as internship and job offers worldwide, which can be consulted in the local language and in English, and are updated daily. They can access expert advice on creating culturally correct CVs and cover letters, find out about local industry trends with up-to-date hiring forecasts for the main employment sectors, and consult work permit and visa regulations compiled by an experienced immigration lawyer.

Conditions for an internship abroad

Legislation in the host country

The procedures for carrying out an internship abroad may take into account both French legislation and the legislation of the country in which the internship is to be conducted in, particularly as it regards to:

  • Conditions of entry and residence in the country;
  • The social protection system / healthcare;
  • Any bonuses;
  • The specific rights and obligations of interns.

The internship agreement

As with an internship in France, the student must have completed an internship agreement with the recruiting organisation.


While it is compulsory in France for interns to receive a bonus for more than two months, this is not guaranteed abroad. The existence and amount of compensation depends on the legislation of the host country.

Social protection / healthcare

It is also necessary to find out what social security or heathcare system cover the intern will have in the foreign country: in some cases, they will need to take out insurance with the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger or a private insurance company.

Financial assistance

There are a number of scholarships available to finance your stay abroad, including grants from the Occitanie region, Eurocampus vouchers and Erasmus + grants.

Find out about all the financial support available for an internship abroad on the Toulouse Capitole University website ("Internship Mobility" section).


Lastly, the University reserves the right to refuse to sign an agreement if the internship takes place in a foreign country classified by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs as being at risk, in conflict or under tension.