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The districts of Toulouse

Arriving in Toulouse means choosing a neighbourhood in which you feel comfortable. Explore the pink city and its different districts to find the one that suits you best.

Among the main districts of Toulouse, you will find:

  • The Capitole district: located in the heart of the city, the Capitole is also only a few meters away from Toulouse School of Management. Many lively shopping streets and a multitude of shops and restaurants can be found from its main square;
  • The Carmes district: always lively with its many restaurants and its covered market, it is one of those districts with a crazy charm and a must for tourists;
  • The Saint-Etienne district: located close to the Carmes, it represents a more chic and calm part of Toulouse with its unique architecture and hidden art galleries in its narrow streets;
  • The Daurade district: a few seconds from the Garonne, this district is appreciated for its shopping streets, its sunny terraces and its craft and vintage shops;
  • The Saint-Aubin district: its Sunday morning market has made its reputation and creates a pleasant and charming neighbourhood life not far from the Canal du Midi;
  • The Saint-Cyprien district: a real village in the heart of the city, Saint-Cyprien opens onto the prairie des filtres and the park of the Abattoirs museum. A popular place for epicureans, it is as pleasant to stroll around as it is to enjoy the view of the opposite bank.

There are many other districts on the outskirts of the city centre, such as Les Minimes, Les Chalets, Compans and Saint-Michel. The best way to get to know a neighbourhood is to visit it! What if you went for a walk in Toulouse to discover or rediscover its most beautiful districts?

Student residences in Toulouse

The CROUS of Toulouse gives you access to its university's residences in order to benefit from accommodation near your place of study at a lower cost.

Thus, just a few minutes' walk from the TSM campus, you'll find five student residences: Taur, Larrey, Les Jardins de l'Université, Arsenal, and Armand Duportal.

In addition to these, there are about ten other student residences located on the outskirts of Toulouse, near Ramonville, Pont-Jumeaux, Les Argoulets, and the Île du Ramier.

Discover the map of the university residences on the CROUS website

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    Tools for finding accommodation

    Applications for finding accommodation and flatsharing are very effective in finding accommodation within your budget in Toulouse. You can use: