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Faculty, TSM Research

Sébastien POUGET

Function / Statut
  • Full Professor
Research Area
  • Finance


Sébastien Pouget is a Full Professor of Finance at TSM and a member of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). He currently serves as the co-Head of the Research Chair “Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment" (FDIR) in collaboration with Professor Patricia Crifo from the École Polytechnique in Paris. He is also scientific director of the TSE Research Initiative for Effective Corporate Climate Action sponsored by Getlink. Sébastien is also an associate editor for the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Sébastien's research focuses on financial markets with a multidisciplinary approach that combines management, economics, psychology and history. His work has been published in international journals such as the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, Econometrica, the Review of Economic Studies, Economica and the Journal of Financial Markets.

Sébastien has also held several leadership roles within TSM, Toulouse Capitole University (UT1) and TSE, such as: chair of the Finance Department (2008-2010), Head of the Master in Financial Markets and Risk Evaluation (2014-2016), and elected member of TSM’s Board of Directors (2006-2007). Sébastien also served on the Scientific Council for UT1 (2008-2010) and as Vice-President for Finance at UT1 (2013-2016). He was also the Director of TSE-P, a partnership research foundation under the aegis of TSE (2016-2021).

He is currently a Visiting Research Professor at the Economic Science Institute of Chapman University. Sébastien has also been a Visiting Professor at Princeton University (2010-2011) and at the University of New York - Shanghai Campus (spring 2015). He received his PhD in 2000 and previously served as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Georgia State University, Robinson College of Business (2002-2005).


Research Grant, Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF), France
Research Grant, European Savings Institute, France
Research Grant, Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF), France
2002 - 2003
Research Initiation Grant, Georgia State University, USA
2000 - 2000
Grant from the "Training and Mobility of Researchers" (TMR) network of the European Union on Industrial Organization of Banking and Financial Market, TMR, Belgium

Award, honors

Best article in Finance award, Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF), France
2001 - 2001
Ph.D. Thesis award, French Finance Association, France
Master Thesis award, Euronext, France