The Board of Directors of Toulouse School of Management is composed of personalities recognized in the local economy. They contribute to the visibility of the school and the recognition of its degrees in the professional world.



Board President: Elisabeth Ourliac, Head of Strategy Integration and Vice President of Airbus



Matthieu Bouvard, Professor

Isabelle Martinez, Professor

Lars Meyer-Waarden, Professor

Patrice Roussel, Professor

Audrey Rouzies, Professor



Associate or Assistant Professors

Jamal Eddine Azzam, Associate Professor

Nathalie Bénet, Associate Professor

Sarah Boujendar, Associate Professor

Julien Grobert, Associate Professor

Philippe Guyot, Associate Professor


Administrative Staff 

Magalie Capelle, School Administrator

Sandrine Lermite, Head of the Executive Education

Julien Masson, Audiovisual Communication Officer

Peggy Prignot-Maman, Head of Companies Partnerships

Rosine Soumah, Continuing Education



IncumbentThéo Hiez, student in Bachelor 3 in Management

AlternateElise Le Pottier, student in Bachelor 3 in Management major in Marketing 

IncumbentGuillaume Rémy, student in Master 1 in Management major in International Marketing of Innovation

AlternateKimberley Julien, student in Master 1 in Management major in Human Resource Management

IncumbentThi QuynhThuong Nguyen, PhD student in Management year 2 major in Strategy

AlternateVincent Favarin, PhD student in Management year 1 major in Marketing


External representatives members 

Council of Occitanie Region (Conseil Régional Occitanie)

Incumbent - Thierry Cotelle, Regional Representative

Toulouse City Hall (Mairie de Toulouse)

IncumbentMaxime Boyer, Mayor's Aide in charge of relations with higher education institutions
AlternateNina Ochoa, City Representative in charge of student life and health prevention

Greater Toulouse (Toulouse Métropole)

IncumbentDominique Faure, Vice-president in charge of the economy, innovation and employment

AlternateNicole Miquel-Belaud, Counselor for Greater Toulouse

Mouvement des Entreprises de France, MEDEF

IncumbentAlain Rabary, CEO, VAL SOFTWARE

Institute of Chartered Accountants

IncumbentFreddy Nicolas, President of the Regional Institute of Chartered Accountants

AlternateLaure Cau, President of the Commission in Charge of Professional Development of the Regional Institute of Chartered Accountants


Corporate representatives

  • Eric Ducournau, General Director, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre
  • Nathalie Fabas, HR Director, Groupe Crédit Mutuel
  • Patrick Longuet, General Director, Bertrandt France S.A.S
  • Elisabeth Ourliac, VP Strategy, Airbus
  • Franck Siegel, Associate General Director, Sigfox

Representative from an international institution of higher education and research

  • Wilfried Niessen, HEC Liège Dean and Director General

Representative from TSM Alumni Network

  • Johanna Karsenty, Présidente, TSM Alumni


Invited Members

  • Hugues Kenfack, President, University of Toulouse Capitole
  • Hervé Penan, Dean, Toulouse School of Management (TSM)
  • Stéphane Grégoir, Dean, Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)
  • Frédéric Faisy, Chief executive officerUniversity of Toulouse Capitole
  • Thierry Higounenc, Accountant, University of Toulouse Capitole
  • Marion Fortin, Director, TSM Doctoral Programme
  • Karim Mignonac, Director of TSM Research, the Research Laboratory in Management Science
  • (UMR CNRS 5303)
  • Sandra Laporte, Associate Director TSM Research - UMR CNRS 5303
  • Sacha Rivière-Marty, President, TSM Consulting
  • Elise Le Pottier, President of the TSM student body association
  • Ariane Moulène, President of the TSM student sports association
Last update: 27/09/2021