Master 2 Marketing (Executive Education & Apprenticeship)

Part-time apprenticeship programme Executive education


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Applications for the academic year 2020/2021 took place from February 3 to May 31, 2020. They are now closed.
Whether you are a TSM student or you are considering joining our community:

  • it is no longer possible to complete a forwarded application;
  • you can now follow the progress of your application evaluation on the eCandidatures platform;
  • you can view the decision of the education committee (the results will be published on June 22, 2020).

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The goal of the Marketing Master’s programme is to educate future marketing management specialists in the sectors of products, services, and industries.

With a heavily emphasized digital outlook, this programme allows its students to master marketing techniques such as conceiving and integrating strategies as well as marketing and communication plans adapted to targeted markets. 

Length : 321h
Classes: 1 week of courses at TSM and 3 weeks at students’ worksites. The courses are all taught in french.


UE1 – Marketing Strategy
UE2 – Digital Marketing 
UE3 – Communications Manager
UE4 – Services Manager
UE5 - Business to Business Services Manager 
UE6 – Marketing Studies Expert 
UE 7 – Tutored Projects 
UE8 – Professional assignment / Entrepreneurial project



The Marketing programme is available as a work-study and executive education programme.


This programme is open to candidates

  • who have completed the Master’s degree first year (240 ECTS)
  • or have substantial professional experience that adheres to the VPE requirements. 


Recruiting process:

  • Examination of candidate’s application
  • Possible interview


François BRAS

Head of Marketing Communication - Airbus

The second year of the Marketing Master’s programme prepares students for the following professions:

  • Brand or Product Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Web Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Manager of a commercial sector or a market zone
  • Services Manager
  • Qualitative or Quantitative Marketing Studies Expert
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Business to Business Product Manager  


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