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Article 14 Jun 2024 Updated 17 Jun 2024

Study Visits: Enriching Short Programmes for Students

For this May 2024 edition of study visits, TSM welcomed 23 students from Hong Kong Metropolitan University for a week of exchanges and discoveries!

What are study visits?

Study visits are short programmes offered by TSM and their numerous partner universities with a focus on international exposure. They provide a valuable opportunity to enhance students' skills in a subject related to their fields of study while gaining international experience.
These visits allow students to immerse themselves in the Toulouse ecosystem, renowned for its dynamism in innovation and management, and to strengthen the ties between TSM and its partner universities.

A Blend of Theoretical and Cultural Experiences Highlighting Toulouse's Attractiveness

Study visits alternate between theoretical classes in the morning and cultural activities as well as company visits in the afternoon.

The courses began with an introduction to divergence and creativity in the innovation process. This was followed by a variety of topics such as Convergence and Business Model Development, International Business Development, as well as Fundraising and Financing in the Entrepreneurial World. Students also attended lectures on innovative topics, such as "Smart Marketing and Smart Technologies," "creating and Sustaining an Innovative Company," and "Designing and Mastering Intellectual Property Strategies."

This edition also provided the students with the opportunity to explore the surroundings of Toulouse, notably Carcassonne, a fortified city rich in history.
In addition to theoretical courses and cultural visits, the students discovered the appeal of Toulouse through visits to companies, centres, and platforms in various professional sectors. Among these visits:

  • Students visited two FabLabs : Artilect FabLab, and RoseLab where they discovered the fabrication of various products using various materials (fabric, PVC, wood, etc.).
  • IUCT Oncopole : A dedicated conference on the research and innovations at Oncopole, presented by doctors from IUCT Oncopole.
  • Occitanie Acceleration Platform (Pad'Occ) : Students visited the school factory and discovered various innovations created through this platform.
  • Airbus Manatour : A bus tour of the various Airbus factories.

The week concluded once more on a convivial note, with a dinner on the last evening of the programme.

Study visits are a time of exchange and sharing, which also helps to strengthen the school's ties with its partners. 

Indeed, it is one of the few partner universities with which TSM has been able to formalise a university agreement encompassing three aspects, which include:

  • Study Visits
  • The possibility for students from both schools to participate in university exchanges
  • The possibility to undertake an exchange as part of the Double Degree in International Marketing of Innovation

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