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Article 16 Nov 2023 Updated 16 Nov 2023

TSM's teacher-researchers contribute to the major issues facing society

Véronique Robert, a lecturer and researcher at the Toulouse School of Management within the Toulouse Capitole University, had the opportunity to share her expertise on the subject of "management and teleworking" in a contribution to Le Monde des Grandes Ecoles et Universités.

Sharing knowledge and views on topical subjects of interest

Several of TSM's teacher-researchers pass on their knowledge nationwide through various magazines. The topic addressed by Véronique Robert is "Is the manager on the way to programmed obsolescence?" Our teacher-researcher has therefore shared her expert view on this relevant subject, which is aimed at all the managers of tomorrow. 

Sharing contributions with magazines means we can offer ever more professional and refined reviews. For the contributor and the publisher, it's about working together on a common project.

A relevant article on the impact of teleworking, full of meaning and written with kindness

According to Véronique Robert, teleworking brings all the benefits we know (organisation, autonomy, work-life balance). Nevertheless, the management of an organisation can sometimes find itself weakened by these new organisational methods. In the article, we discover that managers must be able to adapt, with the main aim of linking the individual to the group. The article also discusses tips for building trust between teams.

Apt words and a positive message, we urge you to take a few minutes to read the article!

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