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Article 05 Jun 2024 Updated 05 Jun 2024

World Environment Day 2024

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th and brings together millions of people worldwide. This event encourages everyone to actively participate in efforts to protect and restore our planet.

TSM: A Growing Commitment to Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (SDRS) Issues

Toulouse School of Management actively engages in organising events to promote Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility (SDRS) issues at various levels: university, regional, national, European, and international. These actions aim to raise awareness among staff and students through significant events.

As part of awareness projects at various levels structured by the socio-ecological transition committee established in 2023, TSM organises several events for its entire community, integrating SDRS issues. These include the Welcome Week, the European Sustainable Development Week, and the Digital Clean Up Day.

The school develops its actions around two main axes: "Strategy and Governance" and "Teaching and Training."

On one hand, a strategy around governance has been implemented, embodied by the socio-ecological transition committee. This committee has formed two working groups: an SDRS events programme and "campus life", which addresses various themes such as biodiversity, the circular economy, and environmental issues.
Though consultative, its main mission is to promote the integration of socio-ecological transition issues into all TSM activities. The committee implements concrete actions such as a calendar listing all upcoming SDRS events over an academic year, and a form to raise student awareness on sustainable practices during travels or university exchanges, thereby promoting greener mobility.

On the other hand, raising awareness among TSM students and staff through dynamic and engaging events is at the heart of the school's approach. These events include practical initiatives like the Climate Mural, the Digital Collage and participation in the Digital Clean Up Day, a global day dedicated to promoting responsible digital practices.

For the organisation of each of its events, TSM strives to select suppliers and types of services aimed at a more responsible consumption at the school level, while providing more eco-friendly goodies and optimising their production and distribution.

TSM Students' Involvement in Environmental Issues

TSM encourages its students to invest in Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility issues. The socio-ecological transition committee provides TSM students with a real opportunity to actively engage. They can not only participate and commit to projects they care about but also become SDRS ambassadors.

For instance, during the Student Solidarity and Ecology Week in March 2024, several students initiated concrete actions, allowing them to put into practice their project management, communication, and environmental leadership skills. Additionally, SDRS student ambassadors receive specific training, such as the climate mural, and have privileged access to certain events within Toulouse’s higher education network.

TSM encourages its students to engage in community-interest actions and to volunteer within associations for solidarity initiatives.

Further SDRS Commitment for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

In September 2024, TSM will introduce dedicated courses to integrate ecological transition issues into the first-year management bachelor's programs.

This new teaching unit, titled "Being a Responsible and Citizen Manager", reflects a desire to interlace SDRS issues with study programs, beyond the awareness already in place.

These courses aim to foster a better understanding and integration of sustainable development principles in their future professional paths, highlighting the school's ongoing commitment to these essential issues!