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Article 19 Apr 2024 Updated 19 Apr 2024

Capucine Aubry, a TSM student who inspires others to achieve their dreams through her podcast "Dans toute sa splendeur".


Capucine Aubry, a student at Toulouse School of Management (TSM), stands out not only for her academic ambitions but also for her project: a podcast named "Dans toute sa splendeur".
Currently in her third year of Bachelor double degree Law and management, and among the top-students for the 2022-2023 academic year, Capucine uses her podcast to share stories of individuals who have achieved their dreams, thereby offering her listeners a fresh perspective.


A Podcast that Inspires Others

Launched one and a half years ago, “Dans toute sa splendeur” (In all Its splendour) is a bi-weekly podcast for anyone seeking inspiration. Capucine interviews individuals from various backgrounds who share a common trait: they have achieved one of their dreams.
Their stories, ranging from acts of bravery to transcontinental adventures, provide her audience with a regular dose of optimism and motivation to pursue their own projects and objectives.
The podcast highlights that anything is achievable with dedication and belief in one’s dreams.

The approach to dreaming unfolds in each episode, not only focusing on success but also exploring the difficult moments and hurdles the guests have overcome, offering a realistic yet encouraging outlook on pursuing one’s dreams.


A Rich Personal and Professional Experience

Each episode gives Capucine a chance to meet extraordinary people from various backgrounds and sometimes different countries. This diversity enriches not just her audience but also Capucine herself, both personally and professionally. Each meeting enhances her interview organisation skills, while also improving her communication skills, especially in managing social media, thus providing numerous benefits that strengthen her professional profile.

Although highly rewarding, the project also has its faire share of challenges, particularly in editing episodes. It is a time-consuming but crucial task that Capucine meticulously handles to ensure her listeners receive quality content.

Her dedication to excelling in every detail reflects the advice she wishes to share with her peers: to “stand out.” Aspiring to a career in international criminal justice, Capucine understands the importance of not just blending in. According to her, standing out doesn’t necessarily mean “embarking on a large-scale project”; it can also simply come from expressing one's unique passions and interests. She notes:

I am not just a law student, not just a podcaster. I am all of me. [...] Stand out, don’t try to fit the mold, try to be yourself with all the complexity you possess.

She thus encourages everyone to take risks, pursue their passions, and stay true to themselves.

Through her podcast, Capucine Aubry does more than just sharing stories; she fosters a community of inspired and motivated individuals, proving that the journey to personal and professional accomplishment can take many forms.


Where to Listen to the Podcast? 

Le podcast « Dans toute sa splendeur » est disponible sur les principales plateformes d'écoute, y compris Deezer, Apple Podcast, Spotify, et d'autres. Chaque épisode est une nouvelle opportunité de découvrir comment d'autres ont transformé leurs rêves en réalité.

Comme le dit si bien Capucine « Réalisez vos rêves ! »