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Article 26 Apr 2024 Updated 26 Apr 2024

Philippine Delpech: Combining High-Level Sports and Studies at TSM

As the Paris Olympics approaches, student-athletes such as Philippine Delpech demonstrate how one can successfully balance a high-level sports career with academic achievements in higher education.


Advantageous Accomodations for Top-level Athletes

Philippine is a second-year bachelor’s student in management at Toulouse School of Management (TSM) and a basketball player for Toulouse Métropole Basket. She benefits from the High Performance Athlete Status  granted by the University of Toulouse Capitole, to which TSM is affiliated.

This status enables her to thrive in both her studies and on the basketball court. These accommodations, facilitated by the Department of Physical and Sports Activities (DAPS), help students such as Philippine to maintain a balance between rigorous training schedules and academic commitments. She also appreciates the ability to pursue her passion for sport while building a solid academic profile, effectively balancing these two ambitions.

Philippine encourages anyone considering combining sports and studies to seize this opportunity.

She attests that this status not only enhances athletic and academic skills but also provides enriching experiences and total engagement in student life. She also shares words of encouragement for her peers:

Go for it! There are plenty of accommodations in place! It creates fantastic experiences, allowing you to effectively combine sports and academics.

Indeed, having the High Performance Athlete status comes with significant benefits, including:

  • flexibility in programme duration, such as the option to spread academic units over two years,
  • the possibility of switching tutorial groups (TD) at the start of each semester,
  • official excuses for sports-related absences provided by DAPS,
  • exam postponements in case of sports-related absences,
  • the ability to borrow up to 12 documents from the library for an extended period of eight weeks.

By fostering an environment that promotes both academic and athletic excellence, TSM helps its students to achieve their full potential. The success of Philippine and numerous other students who have benefited from this status demonstrates the success of these measures and the tangible benefits they offer to students.

Additionally, TSM not only provides support to top-level athletes, but also offers a master's programme in Sports Management, designed to equip students interested in the sports industry with the knowledge and skills to navigate its complexities. Graduates can thus gain the essential skills required for a successful career in this dynamic sector.


Applying for High Performance Athlete Status

Students interested in High Performance Athlete status can start applying soon, with applications opening on May 20th, 2024.

We encourage you to visit the University of Toulouse Capitole website for more information on preparing your application for the 2024/2025 academic year, as well as to gain a better understanding of the conditions and benefits associated with this status.

This unique opportunity is perfect for those committed to pursuing both high-level sports and higher education!


Photo © la Fiba