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Article 12 May 2023 Updated 10 Apr 2024

Masters Graduates of the Class 67 honoured at Stade Toulousain

The graduation ceremony: a celebratory and unforgettable moment

Saturday 22 April 2022 will remain engraved in the memories of the graduates of Toulouse School of Management's class 67! It was on this date that the Masters 2022 graduation ceremony took place at the Stade Toulousain, one of Toulouse's most emblematic venues.

This day was an opportunity for the 800 graduates to celebrate their success, but also to get together and share a convivial moment in the company of their loved ones.

This event enabled the new graduates to recall the highlights of their time at TSM, while looking ahead to the future and their new objectives. The graduation ceremony was an opportunity to reinforce the values of sharing, community and conviviality, which are dear to TSM.

"Engaging, inspiring and optimistic" opening speeches

The ceremony was marked by the tone of the opening speeches.

Engaging: Hervé Penan, TSM's Dean congratulated the graduates on their hard work and commitment.

Continue to learn throughout your life, remain modest and keep up the desire to learn. We are a school of merit, and you have all achieved remarkable results.

Inspiring: Vincent Clerc, TSM's alumnus and former rugby international and Top 14 try record holder with Stade Toulousain was also present to share his experience and encourage graduates to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. In particular, he stressed the importance of community and sharing within the School.

Looking back now, I realise that TSM helped me to structure my rugby, to keep my feet on the ground and to stay in touch with reality. It's very important to stay focused and take a step back to think strategically about rugby... The professional world expects precision, rigour and an ability to synthesise, and that's what I found in rugby!

Optimistic: Stéphane Waller, founder of Bleexo and President of TSM Alumni expressed his encouragement at the ceremony, which marked the 50th anniversary of the TSM Alumni association. The ceremony was an opportunity to highlight the alumni who have contributed to the School's influence and development as exemplary ambassadors.

There are 3 phases in life, there's the first phase where you receive a lot, which is what you're finishing today, [...] then there's a long period, which is your professional life, where you take, and then there's a long period where it's good to give back to society what you've received, [... ...] you can also, and this is obviously what I believe, give back a little all along the way [...] you can start to reach out and help, [...] we don't realise it but we know a lot very quickly and we can help a lot of people who are students or young graduates, so that's what we invite you to do in our association.

What our graduates think...

Léa De Almeida, a recent graduate of the Marketing Master - Digital Marketing programme at TSM, spoke about her experience and the impact that the School has had on her professional and personal life. She emphasised the importance of diversity and inclusion within the School, as well as the quality of the teaching provided.

When I joined Toulouse School of Management, I was lucky enough to be able to live my student experience to the fullest, right up to its crowning moment: graduation! Graduation day was intense and special for me and those close to me, as it was the culmination of several years' work and commitment. I can only thank TSM for helping me to build my professional identity and capitalise on my value on the job market.

Take a look back at the event!

In the end, the TSM Masters 2022 graduation ceremony was a highlight for all those involved. Not only did it provide an opportunity to celebrate the success of the graduates. But in this year of the Rugby World Cup, it also highlighted the values that the School and the TSM community shared with Stade Toulousain: the cardinal values of effort, respect and sharing, and the same attachment to our city.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

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