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Article 27 Mar 2024 Updated 27 Mar 2024

Study Visits at TSM: A success for the March 2024 edition

Study Visits: An International Opening

At TSM, enriching the student experience and international engagement are at the core of our school.

It is with this in mind that study visits are held annually for students from TSM's partner universities. These visits are a real opportunity to enhance their skills on themes related to their field of study, as well as to acquire international experience.

This year, 40 students from partner universities KU Leuven in Belgium and Hong Kong Metropolitan University were able to benefit from this programme. These visits enable students to immerse themselves in the Toulouse ecosystem, known for its dynamism in innovation and management.

A Programme that Combines Theory and Practice

The programme blends theoretical courses in the morning with practical visits in the afternoon.

On the first day, students attended an introductory lecture on divergence and creativity in the innovation process. This was followed by a series covering various topics, such as the convergence and the development of a business model, international business development, as well as fundraising and financing in the entrepreneurship world. The programme concluded with a presentation of their group project under realistic professional conditions.

In the afternoon, the activities were enriched by cultural outings, but primarily by visits to companies and cutting-edge learning environment.

The March 2024 edition gave students from KU Leuven in Belgium and Hong Kong Metropolitan University the opportunity to visit outstanding sites in Toulouse, such as:

The week ended on a friendly note with a dinner, allowing students to share their experiences.

More than just a visit, these study visits offer students unique perspectives on current issues in management and innovation, while easing their entry into the professional world by encouraging encounters with key sector players.
Indeed, some of them will join TSM next year as part of the International Management Master's double degree programme!

If you are a student from a partner university with TSM, we warmly invite you to join us for the next study visits scheduled for May, promising more enriching experiences and insights!