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Article 22 Mar 2024 Updated 05 Feb 2024

Apply for Bachelor's 2 and 3 Programmes for 2024-2025 at TSM

Apply now for Bachelor's 2 and 3 programmes at TSM! Check the Applications area to find out the opening and closing dates for applications to the various programmes offered.

Application for Full Time Programmes

Application for Bachelor's 2 and Bachelor's 3 Full Time Programmes at TSM start this Monday, 5th February 2024.

You have until 25th March 2024, midnight to submit your application.

Application for Work-Study Programmes

For work-study programmes, please check the 2024-2025 application calendar to meet the important deadlines.

For all your applications, we recommend applying directly through the programme page you wish to apply for, under the 'Admission' tab.