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Article 12 Apr 2024 Updated 12 Apr 2024

Applying for a Summer School Programme at TSM: A gateway to the World

TSM offers its students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures through summer school programmes. Summer schools provide students with enriching academic and personal experiences during the summer season!


A school with an international focus

TSM’s dedication to global engagement is demonstrated through its extensive network of partner universities.
Students have the opportunity to choose from more than 20 prestigious universities around the world, including Copenhagen, Brussels, Germany, and Seoul, for their summer exchange programme.
Summer schools are short programmes ranging from one to three weeks. They not only offer academic instruction in a foreign language but also deliver genuine life experiences, thus enriching students’ academic and personal development. These programmes feature teaching methods that differ

Every summer, numerous students benefit from this programme offered by TSM.


The Benefits of an International Experience

With a wide range of partner universities and courses available, students have the opportunity to explore new areas or tracks that are not covered during their academic year at TSM. This is the case of Paul Cosio, a second-year Bachelor in Management student, who chose the Solvay Brussels School for its finance option courses which he wanted to explore as part of his third-year studies, to help guide his career orientation.

Summer schools are also a true-life experience. After her exchange at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Salwa Allouchi shares her thoughts:

It was an incredible experience. I met people from all over the world and attended classes taught by professors with different teaching methods from those taught in France. It makes you more mature and open-minded.

This testimony not only highlights the importance of immersion in a different academic and cultural environment but also the positive impact of these experiences on personal maturity and open-mindedness.
Salwa goes on by encouraging students to embark on this adventure, even if just for a summer!

Overall, this  opportunity helps prepare TSM students to become global actors, capable of making a positive contribution to an increasingly international-focused society.


Apply for a Summer School Programme!

Applications for summer school programmes are still open. Students from Bachelor's year 1 to Master's year 2 can select the university of their choice and start preparing their applications to participate this summer 2024. To apply, simply visit our dedicated page and follow the instructions to submit your application to the selected university.

To encourage applications, TSM offers administrative support in the form of a specific summer school scholarship worth €500.

For more information about the eligibility criteria for this scholarship, please contact the International Relations Office. Applications for this scholarship, including a motivation letter and CV, must be submitted by April 30.

A perfect opportunity for students eager to experience an enriching international adventure!