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Article 02 Feb 2024 Updated 31 Jan 2024

Open Days : Discover TSM Programmes on February 3, 2024!

Are you planning to pursue your studies in the field of management? Discover TSM programmes during our 'Open Day' on 3rd February, from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Open Days for high school graduates, university students, and student apprentices.

Are you graduating from high school this year? Are you considering changing your major? Are you looking for a work-study programme? Are you a professional interested in TSM’s internship offers and short-term programmes?

Our team and students are eager to address all your questions during TSM's Open Day on 3rd February 2024. This is the ideal time to ask questions and learn more about the various management programmes available to you.

Why attend TSM's Open Day?

Open days at TSM provide a great opportunity to : 

  • Learn more about TSM's programmes,
  • Discover future career opportunities through our programmes,
  • Visit our campus located at the historical heart of Toulouse,
  • Meet our faculty and administrative teams,
  • Engage with students to gain an understanding of student life at TSM,
  • Learn more about our work-study programmes, as well as our continuing education programmes, and
  • Address your questions about our short-term programmes for professionnals.

Explore the Open Day schedule

A conference on the topic of 'Studies at TSM in Bachelor's and Master's programmes' will be led by Hervé Penan, Director of TSM,
from 9:30 to 10:30 in AMPHI CUJAS.

During this Open Day, you will be welcomed to our premises where you will be able to engage with our faculty members and students.
Discover our programmes, student associations, and attend conferences on the programmes in which you are interested.

In addition, video conferences will be arranged to enable individuals who are unable to travel to Toulouse to still gather information from a TSM representative.
We strongly recommend participating in these video conferences for international programmes.

Download the full schedule here 

Updated on January 31st 2024