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Article 06 Jun 2023 Updated 05 Jun 2023

A New Website for TSM!

Because Toulouse School of Management is committed to continuous improvement, a new, simpler and more ergonomic website is now available!

The redesign of the website has enabled us to select quality content and, above all, offer a simplified site navigation. The main objective? To centralise information to streamline the user experience. On this new website, you will have direct, integrated access to all your areas: TSM Education, TSM Research, TSM Alumni and TSM Doctoral Programme. Of course, you'll also be able to find all the information relevant to each TSM stakeholder (student, professional, partner, faculty or administrative staff).

While retaining its visual identity, TSM is upgrading its website with an improved architecture to make it easier to read! Clarity, simplicity and efficiency are the ambitions that prevailed in the development and implementation of this new tool.

An adaptive, more modern and intuitive design

For several months now, TSM has been working with a specialist digital agency to develop a fluid and intuitive tool. Above all, the aim is to meet users' need for rapid access to information. By offering an ergonomic and fully responsive website, TSM aims to provide the best possible response to all types of navigation. The site is optimised and, above all, can be viewed on all screens (computer, tablet and smartphone).

A simplified and enhanced user experience

Ergonomic, lively and aesthetic, the new site also offers simpler, more efficient navigation. New features include intuitive navigation for accessing the essential information in just a few clicks, and a search engine with filters for accessing the programme portfolio. The idea is to give future applicants the opportunity to select the different attributes they are looking for in all TSM programmes. More generally, the site has been designed so that visitors can easily access the sections that interest them (directly from the main menu).

The new site has also been designed to be fully bilingual (French and English). The aim is to fully meet the expectations of our students, future students and foreign partners. Access to information for all our audiences is and always will be one of our priorities!

A more complete and detailed presentation of our portfolio

Above all, the web redesign is an opportunity to offer more comprehensive information on all the Toulouse School of Management programmes. These have been classified by degree, to enable future applicants to plan their future studies. Users will also be able to quickly find the information that interests them by browsing the various tabs on each programme page. There are student testimonials, FAQs and the opportunity to talk to a student ambassador to help learners make the right choice. 

Do you already have an idea of the field of activity that appeals to you? Can you think of a programme that's right for you?

Don't wait any longer to find the TSM programme that's right for you!

Find your programme

The new site, in a few words?

Maximum information on the programme pages, new alumni and student testimonials, pages dedicated to each student association, new content to be found in each TSM component and much more to discover... everything is now available on our new website! And there's even more to come before the end of the year...