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Article 11 Mar 2024 Updated 11 Mar 2024

The top-students from the 2022-2023 academic year at TSM honoured at the Excellence Fellowship Ceremony

As part of its ongoing commitment to academic excellence, Toulouse School of Management (TSM) was delighted to host an Excellence Fellowship ceremony, rewarding students who achieved the highest grades in their class for the academic year 2022-2023.

This annual event highlights the school's emphasis on merit recognition and the celebration of success.


21 Valedictorians for the 2022-2023 Excellence Fellowship at TSM

This year, 21 TSM's students, from first-year Bachelor’s to first year Master’s students, were awarded for their hard work and dedication. The ceremony took place in the presence of TSM's Dean, Hervé Penan, the Valedictorians’ families, and the different Department Heads, who personally congratulated each Valedictorian in a heartfelt speech, marking a significant moment in their academic journey.

Indeed, this event is more than just a fellowship ceremony. It embodies TSM's commitment to educational excellence and the close bond between students and faculty. Indeed, the success of these students is a testament to their personal commitment and that of their teachers, who strive to provide quality education and support each individual in achieving their potential.

TSM takes pride in its students, who have embarked on diverse educational journeys; some followed a direct path, while others explored various disciplines before coming to TSM.


Congratulations to all the Valedictorians of the 2022-2023 Excellence Fellowship, for their remarkable efforts and their deserved title!


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