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Coming to Brussels is a great decision! The double degree Master in International Management in the European Context is the perfect opportunity to get different perspectives, enlarge your network and gain and develop new skills in the heart of Europe. Besides, living in an international, dynamic city is a great chance to discover new cultures and its geographic position allows you to travel around many different places. The experience in KU Leuven, one of the top universities in Belgium and the world, allows you consolidate knowldege and allows to understand new approaches on learning. If you are looking for a new experience around new...

Mauricio AMIEVA GUEVARA - Class 2018/2019

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TSM events

événement 20 avril 2023

Forum Alternance de TSM

Le forum alternance de TSM aura lieu le jeudi 20 avril de 9h à 17h en présentiel En savoir plus

événement 7 décembre 2022

Soutenance de Fatima HASSAN

Fatima HASSAN présentera sa soutenance intitulée "Exploring the Impact of Perceived Ethics in Hiring Decision on Employee Behaviors" en anglais le 7 décembre 2022 à 9h. En savoir plus

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