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Master International management

Track International management - M1

Integrate a rigorous training programme, covering the foundations of International Management

Capacity to receive students


Admission Rates


Number of nationalities


Average age


Breakdown M/F

39% / 61%

3 reasons to apply

An opportunity for international training
A training course with comprehensive strategic inputs
Practical work to enable students to project themselves in a company


Pre-requisites for all candidates

  • Successful completion of 180 ECTS
  • As this program is taught entirely in English, applicants must prove their English language proficiency :
    • An English language test for non-English speakers (C1 level required): see the list of the English language certificates accepted
    • Exception: passport holders from one country where English is the official language or one of the official languages are exempted from the English test.
  • Examination of candidate’s application and interview

The Master International Management in European Context (IMEC) double degree is open to students having completed the first year of the Master in International Management (MIM). Application for the double degree is made simultaneously with the application for the first year of the Master, via the supplementary form.


Calendar 2024-2025

  • application period: from February 26, 2024
  • closing application: March 24, 2024
  • confirmation of admissions : June 4, 2024
Applications can be made exclusively through the eCandidatures platform, not via MonMaster. 

Applying on eCandidatures

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