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Doctoral Programme : Finance

The finance track offers a collegial environment that favors interactions with Faculty and other PhD students through a weekly seminar, a weekly PhD workshop and several academic events throughout the year.

Conducted through

Full time programme

Teaching Language


Programme type

In person



Required Level for Entry

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +4

Level Obtained

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +9


5 years


300 ECTS

Programme Structure

The MSc in finance is structured around fundamental research training in the core disciplines of finance (Corporate finance, Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets). It also offers multiple opportunities for students to interact with finance Faculty and more senior PhD students, to learn about their research and to start developing their own research agenda. Whereas the PhD in finance at TSM starts with advanced research courses in finance where students are exposed to frontier research and acquire the tools and techniques required for top academic research. Students gradually transition to developing their own research under the supervision of Finance faculty members.

The first year of the Doctoral Programme is a Master of Science, which allows for students to develop the necessary skills for PhD research as well as identify a research supervisor and develop their research project. After successfully completing their Master of Science, students are able to apply for funding to continue into the second year of the  Doctoral Programme. Alternatively, students can choose to exit the Programme with their Master of Science. From the second year of the Programme onwards students work closely with their supervisors to deepen their understanding of the theory and methodology of their chosen discipline, conduct original research and form timely contributions to their field of study. 

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  • 33 %

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  • 100 %

    Graduates with professional activity

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