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Doctoral Programme : Finance

Master of Science in Finance (Doctoral Programme)

Acquire a thorough and advanced general training in finance theory, and research techniques, before choosing a specific area of research



Conducted through

Full time programme

Teaching Language


Programme type

In person

Required Level for Entry

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +4

Level Obtained

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +5

Start/End Dates

September 2024 - June 2025


1 year



Are you enthusiastic about research? Genuinely intellectually curious? Do you like reading and debating? Do you want to be able to answer new questions and love to travel and meet new people? Are you particularly fond of Finance? If so, the MSc in Finance is right for you. The MSc is the first year of the TSM Doctoral Programme which is an EFMD-accredited rigorous international training. It combines the best of practice, theory, qualitative & quantitative tools and reality-based education. You will make presentations, organise seminars, and contribute to management and academic decisions. It also offers high quality teaching and a truly multicultural work environment with students coming from all over the world.

Our MSc offers the excellence training needed for international and French university graduates interested in pursuing a career in research.

We deliberately keep the MSc small to allow you to work closely with your supervisor, interact with other faculty members who will be happy to act as sounding boards, and gain teaching experience. Students who wish to continue towards their PhD beyond the MSc year, can apply for one of approximately 10 annual University of Toulouse Capitole (UTC) doctoral contracts that finance three years of PhD work (MPhil 1-2-3).

The doctoral contracts are awarded based on academic merit and research project suitability.

Partner school

This programme is carried out in partnership with TBS Education.

Benefits of the programme

  • Close supervision by internationally recognized high-level research professors who publish in the best journals
  • Full immersion in the lab research activities
  • Exchanges with the world’s best universities
  • Rigorous selection process

Programme Objectives

  • Identify and validate original research questions grounded in theoretical foundations
  • Develop and apply appropriate, innovative and persuasive methods for research projects
  • Conduct critical and reflexive analysis of research findings, impact and outcomes
  • Provide relevant recommendations about practical problems encountered by organisations
  • Actively work in an inclusive, respectful and constructive way with supervisors, researchers and peers both within the institution and the wider international research community
  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral modes with a range of audiences formally and informally through a variety of different techniques and media
  • Understand and apply the codes of conduct and guidelines for scientific rigor, integrity and ethics
  • Teach and/or support student learning at undergraduate and graduate levels
  • 33 %

    Admission rate


Doctoral Programme


Programme Head

Matthieu BOUVARD

Administrative Officer

Partner Administrative Officer

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