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Bachelor of Science in Global Management

Bachelor of Science in Global Management - B.Sc.2

Develop the fundamental notions of international management in English in order to deepen the international vision of organisations



Conducted through

Full time programme

Teaching Language


Programme type

In person

Required Level for Entry

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +1

Level Obtained

High School Diploma (or equivalent) +2

Start/End Dates

September 2024 - June 2025


2 semesters

Double degree




In the second year, the emphasis shifts to alternative perspectives on and specific contexts of innovation, project management, geopolitics, governance and legal environment. This will allow students to gain an understanding of entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

International mobility is possible either for the whole of the second year or only for the second semester.

Benefits of the programme

  • An international training: 100% in English, at least one semester abroad is mandatory in one our 80 partner universities and one third of the students are foreigners
  • A professionalizing curriculum: a semester of internship in the 3rd year, "learning by doing" pedagogy, student projects, professional speakers from the business world
  • An innovative and individualized pedagogy: flipped classroom approach, use of adapted digital media, a small-sized class of about 55 students

Programme Objectives

  • Explain the conceptual foundations in international management
  • Organise and use relevant managerial and analytical methods
  • Analyze and critique management theory and practice
  • Recommend ethical dimensions and implications for sustainability in management decisions
  • Communicate effectively, respectfully and ethically in different settings, with different techniques and with a range of multicultural audiences
  • Develop a dual mindset of inclusiveness in collective learning and autonomy in individual learning
  • Use different digital tools and technologies for collaborative processes
  • Design strategies to find and critically and ethically evaluate data and information to solve a given problem or perform a specific task
  • 61 %

    Admission rate

  • 100 %

    Taught in English

Student testimonials

TSM is one of the best IAE in France, offering quality training that teaches a very good general culture of the company with courses taught by academic professors, professionals from various sectors, or evenmore researchers. In my opinion, Its international openness also seems very attractive regarding my interest to go abroad and learn international management, with many opportunities for academic expatriation, summer school, internships or even gap years, as the Bachelor in Global Management proposes.
Clément Boutemy, Bachelor of Science Global management - track B2 Bachelor of Science in Global management (2022-2023)
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I would recommend that he or she find out about the rich and varied range of training offered by TSM, from bachelor's to doctorate degrees. I would also advise him or her to visit TSM, especially during the open house for example, so that he or she can see the privileged study environment in which we have the opportunity to work and evolve. If you are considering a career in management, finance or even marketing, with an international outlook, TSM is for you!
Anna Scheurer, Bachelor of Science Global management - track B2 Bachelor of Science in Global Management (2022-2023)
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Nathalie BÉNET

Administrative Officer

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