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Clément Boutemy, student in second year of Bachelor of Science in Global Management

Clément Boutemy, student in second year of Bachelor of Science in Global Management

  • Current programme: Bachelor of Science Global management - track B2 Bachelor of Science in Global management (2022-2023)

  • Year of graduation: 2024
  • Baccalaureate Specialties: maths, SES, LLCE espagnol (+maths complémentaires terminale)
  • Country of origin: France

Why did you choose TSM?

TSM is one of the best IAE in France, offering quality training that teaches a very good general culture of the company with courses taught by academic professors, professionals from various sectors, or evenmore researchers. In my opinion, Its international openness also seems very attractive regarding my interest to go abroad and learn international management, with many opportunities for academic expatriation, summer school, internships or even gap years, as the Bachelor in Global Management proposes. Many postgraduate students are also part of an alumni network which represents a fist-time managerial experience opportunity upon graduation, with very good professional coverage in all sectors of activity and in various countries.

In short, TSM represents for me the chance to pursue my studies in a field that I am passionate about, with great reachable opportunities and affordable tuition costs.

What do you plan to do after TSM?

As a student in the second year of a bachelor's degree, I wish to pursue a master's degree in international supply chain management. The reputation of the school in the world, as well as the multicultural and international aspect of my degree, also permit me to finish my studies abroad and perform an international career.

What would you recommend to an unfamiliar student with TSM?

TSM is for you the opportunity to deepen your general corporate culture to gain expertise in a specific area in the perspective of occupying a managerial position during your career with a clear versatility. The quality of the course content, and the opportunity for exchanges with professors and professionals allows you to really gain in value on the labor market, with a real ability to put theoretical knowledge into practice in concrete cases in business.

These first years spent in the school seemed to me to be particularly fast because of the pleasant study atmosphere. We owe this atmosphere to the Student Office (BDE), Office of Sports (BDS), TSM consulting, as well as other associations and departments of TSM which organize events that promote cohesion, open-mindedness and the application of professional notions within real projects. More than studies, TSM is a very good experience as a student, in an active and festive city, especially late at night!

To sum up, TSM is your chance to develop your professional and managerial skills in a stimulating work environment that will allow you to work while enjoying your student life.

3 adjectives to describe TSM

Innovative, Multicultural, Fascinating.