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Anna Scheurer, student in second year of Bachelor of Science in Global Management

Anna Scheurer, student in second year of Bachelor of Science in Global Management

  • Current Programme: Bachelor of Science Global management - track B2 Bachelor of Science in Global Management (2022-2023)

  • Year of graduation: 2024
  • Baccalaureate Specialties: baccalauréat ES spécialité mathématiques
  • Country of origin: France 

Why did you choose TSM ?

After having completed a first year of a double degree in management and foreign languages at the University of Lyon, I wanted to reorient myself towards a more international training and this is how I learned about the opening of a new program at TSM: the Bachelor of Science in Global Management. 

This program was exactly what I was looking for: a program entirely taught in English, with many opportunities for experience abroad, a 6-month internship in the third year and social and environmental projects. 

Not only was this new training very interesting, but the fact that it was given within one of the best IAE in France was a guarantee of excellence and reliability. TSM being located in one of the best student cities in France and having a large network of partner universities abroad, this further reinforced my choice to apply.

What are your projects after TSM ?

At the end of the Bachelor's degree, I would like to integrate the Master's degree in International Management also offered by TSM, and then finish my studies with the specialized Master's degree in "Airport management" offered by ENAC. My goal is to become a manager in an international airport.

What would you recommend to a student who doesn’t know TSM ?

I would recommend that he or she find out about the rich and varied range of training offered by TSM, from bachelor's to doctorate degrees. I would also advise him or her to visit TSM, especially during the open house for example, so that he or she can see the privileged study environment in which we have the opportunity to work and evolve. If you are considering a career in management, finance or even marketing, with an international outlook, TSM is for you!

3 adjectives to describe TSM 

International, engaged, excellent.