Master 2 Professional Business Account (Apprenticeship)

Part-time apprenticeship programme


Alexandre MINDA
Head of Programme

Administrative Officer

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Applications for the academic year 2020/2021 took place from February 3 to May 25, 2020. They are now closed.
Whether you are a TSM student or you are considering joining our community:

  • it is no longer possible to complete a forwarded application;
  • you can now follow the progress of your application evaluation on the eCandidatures platform;
  • you can view the decision of the education committee (the results will be published on May 29, 2020).

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The Professional Business Account Executive programme focuses on supplying students with technical, commercial, and relational expertise needed to become professional business account executives. 

This programme provides students with advanced economic, banking, and financial knowledge to better equip them for client relations in small or large companies. 


The teaching team is composed of teachers, researchers and professionals. The courses are all taught in french.


Duration: 644 contact hours (lectures and tutorials).
Schedule: 4 weeks at the university (TSM and CFPB) and 4 weeks at their worksite, from September to August.



UE 01 - Macroeconomics and Banking Regulations 
UE 02 - Financial and Asset Engineering 
UE 03 - Banking and Finance Management 
UE 04 - Piloting Professional Client Portfolios 
UE 05 - Manage business risks 
UE 06 - Fundamental Professional Needs 
UE 07 - Agricultural and wine market approach 



UE 08 - Professional Application 


This programme is accessible as a work-study programme (vocational or professionalisation contract).



  • Applicants who have completed the first year of a Master’s programme (240 ECTS) in Economics, Management, Law or another degree determined to be equivalent 
  • or have substantial professional experience that adheres to the VPE requirements. 
  • Previous professional experience from an internship or summer job in the banking of financial sector can be an added plus to an application but is not mandatory. 


Recruiting process:

  • Examination of candidate’s application
  • Possible interview

Elodie PINGE

This programme allows its students to become professional business account executives: managing, advising, and developing a portfolio of retailors, artisans, freelance professionals, and small companies. 


This programme also prepares students to take on managerial roles within banks. 

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