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Roberto Mba Ndong Nsue, student in first year of Bachelor of Science in Global Management

Roberto Mba Ndong Nsue, student in first year of Bachelor of Science in Global Management

  • Current Programme: Bachelor of Science Global Management - parcours B1 Bachelor of Science in Global Management (2022-2023)

  • Year of graduation: 2025
  • Baccalaureate Specialties: langues, littératures et cultures étrangères en espagnol (llce), sciences économiques et sociales, mathématiques
  • Country of origin: Equatorial Guinea

Why did you choose Toulouse?

There are several reasons why I decided to choose to study in Toulouse: primarily, Toulouse is a city with which I was already acquainted due to having spent a significant part of my holidays periods there, consequently, making me want to reside there for a part of my academic career. Secondly, Toulouse is a vibrant and dynamic city with a large amount of students, making it an exciting place to be as a student. There’s a variety of accommodation options for any types of students, including university dorms, private apartments, shared houses... with a cost relatively affordable compared to other major cities in France. It’s also equipped with numerous outdoor spaces where students can relax, exercise, or participate in outdoor activities. Toulouse offers a great student experience with a mix of academic, cultural, and social activities.

Why did you choose TSM?

I decided to pursue my academic career at TSM because It has a strong international focus, with a diverse student body and faculty from around the world, which give the opportunity to meet a wide range of different people coming around the world and get to know others cultures. The school has also partnerships with over 200 universities and institutions worldwide, providing students with opportunities for study abroad, internships, and research collaborations. There’s also the range of professional development opportunities for students that TSM offers, including career fairs, access to internships and job opportunities through the school's connections.

What is your best memory of your life in France?

Since I just arrived, I’d say that my best memory of my life in France, for the moment, is every moment that I spend with the people I met here. Indeed, having friends that are culturally different from you is a great opportunity for someone to grow mentally, as a human being. Every single moment that I spend with them give me a great lesson of life that I’ll remember all of my life.

Why would you recommend TSM to students from your home school?

I’d recommend TSM to some students of my previous high school because I think that they’d like not only the atmosphere of the school and the opportunities that it can provide to someone but also the city. Indeed, Toulouse is a really attractive city with people who are really welcoming and agreeable, and I think that for someone who is his/her first time going abroad alone is a city that can be really nice to be in.

3 adjectives to describe TSM

International, studious, and diversity.